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We were born in 1970 as a result of Mr. C.L. Agarwal’s entrepreneurial zeal and desire to increase the sustainability of silk spinning by recycling waste silk yarn. While we started as a small yarn trading company, we quickly grew into a Government Recognized Export House that manufactured and exported our own silk yarn and fabrics through our Silk Spinning Mill in Panvel.

After becoming the largest exporters of silk made-ups in the country, we started looking for new challenges. Leveraging our brand name, which had become synonymous with high-quality, timely delivery and continuous innovation, we ventured into weaving other natural fabrics by setting up state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Vapi, Bhiwandi and Bangalore.

Today, we are 54 years old, with over 950 pairs of hands spread across 5 production units and are selling to 25+ countries. We are one of the biggest weavers and exporters of Linen Fabrics, Garments and Scarves in India.

Our in-house merchandisers, design studios and agent offices across the world keep us updated on the latest trends and ensure that our customers get all the personal interaction they need. We supply premium Linen apparel fabrics through our dealer network to 1000+ retail outlets across India.


Our heritage of Handloom Fabrics created by handcraft weavers and printers, along with our decades old archives of textiles, serve as our design inspirations to create new products. We still see the artisanal value of traditional fabrics and create products by using a medley of handloom weavers, block printers as well as our cutting edge jacquard looms and space dyeing machines. This fusion defines our design philosophy and makes our collection fresh and unique, allowing us to cater to a broad gamut of emerging markets.


In alignment with our circular philosophy, we actively develop fabrics with yarn sourced from recycled materials (wool, polyester, etc) for our home furnishing segment and are working with natural dyes sourced from indigenous herbs for our garments division.

While we have expanded into new product lines, we can never forget why we were created in the first place: Sustainability. This dictates every business decision we make.

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