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Sales & Design

Operating from Mumbai, our design studio specializes in crafting avant-garde designs for both Shirting and Jacketing fabrics.


Recently, we expanded our repertoire to include scarves crafted from Recycled Cottons and Recycled Polyesters.

In order for us to stay abreast of evolving trends, our seasoned experts in domestic and international sales play a pivotal role. By hosting conferences, undertaking field trips, and actively participating in design-related organizations, they remain at the forefront of evolving trends. Regular factory visits and direct interactions with production teams allow them to understand and enhance our production capabilities, resulting in the introduction of 3,000+ new designs annually.

Recognizing the penchant of Indian consumers for custom-fit and designed clothing, Linen Fiesta strategically sells through its Pan-India Dealer network and travelling salesmen. Our products are available at leading fabric stores across the country, reaching not only big cities but also smaller towns in every major state. With a robust presence in over 1000+ retail outlets, we prioritize serviceability to meet the unique needs of our domestic clientele.

Our international sales teams stationed in Europe, Australia, Latin America and the United States play a pivotal role in covering high-fashion markets globally. We also collaborate with freelance designers across the globe, enabling us to infuse a globalized flavor palette in our collections. With a keen eye on trends and a commitment to personalized service, they ensure our presence in the forefront of the global fashion landscape.

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Our in-house design studio is a trendsetter, consistently delivering innovative collections each season. Collaborating with Pit Loom weavers and CAD designers, we swiftly transform customer ideas into tangible fabric samples.

Sales & Design

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