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At Vrijesh, quality is our commitment - from advanced automated softwares to in-house labs equipped with precise instruments at every stage of our vertical integration, our systems and skilled staff serve as the backbone of our production cycle. Therefore, ensuring top-notch quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

Quality Control

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

  • IoT is implemented throughout the production cycle through hardware and software to ensure machine and man traceability.

  • SAP implemented for the highest level of data integrity and planning.

  • Enables batch-wise traceability of all raw materials throughout the conversion process and allows for end-to-end identification for QC, audits and analytics.

  • HQ IT & Analytics Team to analyze production and quality performance.



  • Advanced Color lab operated by seasoned dye experts who make data driven decisions

    • Cutting edge Mini (dye machines/ Jigger and Jet) simulator for small samples 

    • Dye recipes from clean chemistry 

  • Suzuki beam for sampling 10m long yarn for smaller size beams 

  • Powerloom for crafting samples of upto 64” width at low turnaround time

Production Planning

Production Planning

  • Pre production meeting (fabric and garment stage) before each order to ensure timely delivery  

  • Weekly Time and action tracking meetings with production planners, HODs and directors

  • HQ-level traveling audit team that acts as internal auditors to perform regular 

  • QC and T&A checks

Production Planning

State of the Art Machinery

  • Yearly tech upgradation budget and plan to replace old machinery with the latest machinery

  • Preventive Maintenance Team with a thorough online PM Plan that does weekly, monthly & and quarterly audits, checks and cleaning of all moving parts. The team is trained regularly by the machinery manufacturers and local associations.

State of the art machinery
State of the art machinery
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