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From flax to fabric, we have a rich history of selling premium European Flax certified linen fabrics, something that has been the core of our business. From the 'taka' (over-the-counter) market in India, to the design houses of Europe, we have established a global presence with product lines that aim to be as high in quality, sophisticated and sustainable as possible.  

Apparel Fabrics

Apparel Fabrics

Three decades ago, linen was completely unknown to India. When we came across the fabric in Europe, we instantaneously saw its potential to revolutionize the Indian market because of its texture, breathability and sophisticated appearance to the Indian consumer. We became one of the first manufacturers in India to weave linen fabrics.


Though we still had to learn how to match the quality of the European weavers, create awareness among the consumers and develop a whole new market for this fabric, we persisted. We believed that in a tropical country filled with consumers that have an appreciation for fine textiles, we could popularize this fabric.

Hence, we launched our domestic brand “Linen Fiesta”, which became synonymous with the finest quality of linen fabrics today and the rest is history. 

We have brought our decades of experience selling linen apparel fabrics in the domestic market and scarves in the international market together and created our apparel fabrics division. Our domestic brand, Linen Fiesta, has taught us the art of weaving the finest fabrics, set up our stock service and ready sampling. 

The scarves division has shown us the importance of providing the highest levels of serviceability and working with the widest variety of raw materials, covering the entire gamut: from fine and gauzy to coarse and heavy. This meld of production and serviceability is what makes our apparel fabrics division so special.

Linen Fiesta Logo

We have state-of-the-art plants in Vapi, where we produce our apparel fabrics with the latest technology and equipment. We maintain a stock of over 300 SKUs of basics that are never out of stock. We also offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Linen Fiesta Logo

Production Highlights

We are the largest exporter of Linen in India, delivering unparalleled quality globally.

We are among India's only linen-specialized vertically integrated mills, from yarn to garment.

We hold all top certificates for quality and sustainability demonstrating our excellence.

Our fabrics range from the finest count to the coarsest count spun globally.

We achieve the highest On-Time-in-Full performance in this space. 

We maintain a large bank of running yardage and a variety of sampling machines.

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